I need a musical pick-me-up. Today’s been crazy and I’m so far behind, but I need a moment.

This was one of my favourite pop songs as a kid (“Rise Up” by the Parachute Club). It falls in that category of cheesy-earnest video narrative that dominated ’80s pop music. It contributed to my misguided notion that adult life would be full of spontaneous street-dance parties. I’m still recovering from the crushing disappointment that this is not reflected in reality.

Parachute Club is not a kids’ band by any means, but it’s like this video was crafted to appeal to young ones such as myself. I mean, let’s list the elements here:

* Bright colours

* Upbeat rhythm incorporating international percussion sounds

* Break-dancing

* Acrobats

* Only-a-little-bit-scary mimes

* Relentlessly positive lyrics

* Street parade

* Two-syllable, easy-to-say-and-remember chorus

Basically, there’s no way I couldn’t have been drawn to this song. And that’s good. Because now it lifts me when I’m grumpy.

Also, my parents bought the CD and played it a lot and encouraged me to dance around the living room while doing so :D

I thought it was cool that the band was from Toronto and the video was filmed in the downtown. Which is funny to watch now because the part of King Street they’re filming on is practically devoid of buildings and now it’s dense with development.